The cost is a little memory to hold function entries. Uniform Variable Syntax brings consistent expression evaluation, but it requires to add () to have old behaviors. It achieves consistent/predictable foreach behaviors, but older PHP behaves strangely and code works with PHP7 misbehaves in old PHPs.This consistent function names and user may wander which name should be used for old PHP compatibility.

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The import code breaks backward compatibility also.

BC can be mitigated by having INI like 'default_namespace=“\php\5 \php\7”'. However, criticism for basic function name inconsistencies is valid one.

This should be in the form of ``parent_*``:: A family of 'foo' functions, for example: Good: 'foo_select_bar' 'foo_insert_baz' 'foo_delete_baz' Bad: 'fooselect_bar' 'fooinsertbaz' 'delete_foo_baz' 3. for (i=0; i NEW_NAME(bold) indicates it is not a simple “_” addition and/or “modname_” prefix addition. Aliased old function names are written in new name page.

Function names used by user functions should be prefixed with ``_php_``, and followed by a word or an underscore-delimited list of words, in lowercase letters, that describes the function. NOTE: CORDING_STANDARDS requires module name prefix for module functions and almost strictly conforming the standard. To avoid mixed listing of function aliases, tweaks to the manual and search system may be required.

Document search system shows aliased name as candidate for simple renames.

Hi, Planning the tests in Test Lab, including the "Planned Exec Date" field, indicates that it would be feasibleto get a quick S-curve from somewhere in the system.only proposes renaming offending function names and have aliases for old names. There are many functions that named before naming standard in CODING_STANDARDS.Therefore, PHP has function names like phpversion() and htmlspecialchars().L’utente ha la possibilità di richiedere l’accesso, la correzione o l’eliminazione dei dati che lo riguardano o di opporsi al loro trattamento da parte di Meetic nella sezione “Il mio account” su Meetic o secondo le modalità indicate nelle CGU di Meetic.Alcuni elementi (fotografia, profilo, stile di vita) eventualmente forniti dall’utente per descriversi possono indicare, sotto la sua esclusiva responsabilità, la sua origine etnica, la sua nazionalità o la sua religione.Unless we have standard confirming function names at some point, we may keep inconsistent function names forever and never have consistent function names.